Equine Reflections by Sir Realist

Equine Reflections

Perhaps the very first surreal art I completed.

I have been drawing from the age of 2. However my surreal side may not have really manifested itself until high school which is when this pen and ink drawing was completed. It was not done to be kept and so is not in the best shape after the years. The idea behind it, so far as I can remember was to show musculature of animals, in this case a horse, and naturally I took that idea or theme and twisted it a bit, oddly enough using a hand of the artist, a theme I wouldn’t repeat for a number of years after this until completing the large oil painting Creation. In the scene is meant to be a hand mirror, laying flat with the hand above reflected. However the images are merged and mashed together with that of a horse to create a surreal mesh of the world and living things. This is one image I might one day work into a painting as it represents a beginning in a way, or the precursor to a beginning. Additionally, I have numerous other surreal pen and ink drawings and many with color added that have been done more recently. Often when plotting a painting, I take this approach to better see in small scale what might work when put on canvas.

This is pen, pencil, and ink, and measures approx. 8″ by 7″.

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