EnPassant by Sir Realist


In the course of doing something else.

Here we see a journey, and not one by choice. The rough seas and simplistic, primitive figure styles represent the basic differences in the participants of this journey. The title En Passant is a phrase meaning ‘in the course of doing something else’. This is a painting that represents slavery. The journey across the sea forced on a group due to basic and primitive differences, and yet a journey that mankind learned from. The figure seen on the cross is a clear reference to Christ but is seen as a mixture of the two colors shown. This is intended to represent the acceptance and forgiveness we all should strive for no matter what our basic and primitive separations are. All struggles have beginnings and all struggles have endings, just like raging storms. The peek of sunlight in the corner of this work represents an end to struggles, an end that always comes in the course of doing something else.

This painting is Acrylic on canvas and measures 30″ by 16″

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