Sir Realist by Sir Realist

Sir Realist

A self portrait in surrealism.

Sir Realist is a name I adopted some time ago and the connotation of a medieval knight venturing into unknown lands, sword in hand, has always appealed. This is, as best I can explain, a self portrait of sorts showing my early beginnings in landscape painting, of which many featured the scene at the bottom of this painting. I grew up and out from merely showing a scene and into creating new ways of seeing the world around us. The armor can be seen to hold an image of the painting Creation which holds a very special place in my journey as Sir Realist. Similarly, the sword is made up of surreal imagery, the parts that make the whole serving as individual scenes in themselves that change or distort depending on where they are viewed.

This painting is acrylic on canvas and measures 30″ by 40″

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