Killing Machine by Sir Realist

Killing Machine

Nature’s perfect killing machine meets one of mankind’s deadliest mechanisms.

This sculpture shows both natural and unnatural machines, each in many ways devoted to one purpose – to kill. The Great White shark is perhaps nature’s most deadly and longest reigning predators, showing no emotion or reason and killing with deadly accuracy. The gun, a machine built to kill without conscience or thought is mankind’s cold version of deadly accuracy and effectiveness. Fused together by way of entirely found objects and pieces, including the gun that makes up the internal structure of this piece, Killing Machine is meant to be a surreal reminder of the deadly side of humanity. This sculpture is one of several where sometimes viewing the work as a whole is as rewarding as discovering or identifying the individual parts used to create it.

Made of found objects including a variety of metal plates, springs, screws, and the gun (donated), this sculpture measures approx. 22″ by 6″ and stands 11″ in height.

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