The Feeding by Sir Realist

The Feeding

The consumption of innocence.

Upon first viewing this painting, it may simply seem to be a portrait of a rather surreal and distorted girl. Looking more carefully at the surroundings and positioning tells a much more sinister story. The Feeding is about the end of innocence, the corruption and consumption of purity. The girl is intended to appear innocent, even naive, standing on the street alone. Her hands are purposely positioned over her womb. The trash can behind contains milk and an egg carton, symbolizing purity and fertility. This is a representation of throwing away those values that is very common today. Even the small flower represents delicate purity while the cracks in the sidewalk show the destruction of that. The fact that the girl’s own shadow is about to consume her has to do with her unknowing contribution to her own destruction. The street sign makes it plain… Caution.

This painting is acrylic on canvas and measures 24″ by 32″

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