Sublimitas by Sir Realist


Seeking to meet but separated forever.

Sublimitas means ‘loftiness’ and this painting bears that title simply to represent the extreme height the surreal structure occupies. The construction of this landscape, this structural series of paths and pillars is intended to be one purely out of the imagination, a dreamlike place we all might find ourselves when eyes are closed. The two figures represent something very real though. They are connected by being there and sharing in this landscape, this world. And yet they are separate, perhaps by choice, perhaps by things out of their control. They may seek to find each other or they may struggle with the acceptance that they never will. This image is intended to be one of either tragedy or hope in accepting that some things are too high to quite see over, but there is always a path to reach the end, if we only choose to take that first step together.

This painting is acrylic on canvas and measures 30″ by 40″

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